Welcome to the brand new sport of Stingball®

Stingball® - The new fast and furious ball game for adrenalin-charged players that crave more from a sport.

A traditional dare-devil ball game played at a school in the seventies has been revamped, recharged, reinvented and recreated to deliver the UK’s quickest wickest wicked way to play ball. Take the sting, take the ball, take the game and win – you have the skills to be the Stingball® champion. From the age of six years old, we intend to support young people and adults to find their own way to an active lifestyle, whilst empowering them to make healthier, more positive lifestyle choices through Stingball®

We currently have two leagues you can join


North West League

Register your team for the North West league, You'll need five friends to for a five-a-side team. Click here to find out more.

East Midlands League

Register your team for the East Midlands league, You'll need five friends to for a five-a-side team. Click here to find out more.

Not got a team? Why not come along to one of our Stingball®  Social events?

Ready to find out more?

If you're just into your fitness - or you want to try a new sport for fun, why not try one of our Stingball® Socials? This is a great way to try out the sport, learn the rules and make new friends; plus Stingball® Socials are open to all adults any age and any gender. Fun, fitness and making friends is what these socials are all about..  so come along and join in.

Start a Stingball® League

Starting a Stingball® League in your area is easy - even if we're not promoting near you just yet, this exciting new sport will soon grow like wildfire, so register your interest today! If you are passionate about sport in general, love fitness and new activities, can throw and catch (and dodge) a ball, then Stingball® could be ideal for you and your friends.

Register Your Team

Register your Stingball® Team here!  Teams are made up of five players, and one or two subs - and it's fun to choose your players because teams can be either male or female only or mixed teams. It's the only sport we know where more than two competing teams play against each other at the same time!

Become a Coach

If you've got something about you, why not become a certified Stingball® Coach and have fun earning money whilst coaching the sport? After selection, induction and initial training, you can work towards a nationally-recognized Level 1 sports coaching certificate, The Stingball United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (SUKCC).

The WSA® would like to thank our sponsors and media partners

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Check out some more Stingball® videos

How to play Stingball® (individual player)

Stingball® warm-up before team play

Your Stingball® Coaches

Phil Smith Stingball® Coach

Phil Smith - Head Coach, Manchester

" Stingball® is a great sport that can be played and enjoyed by anyone no matter your age or ability, My fitness levels have improved and I really enjoy teaching the sport."

Emlyn Mousley Stingball® Coach

Emlyn Mousley -  Nottingham

" Some people ask is the sport painful?, one of the best feedback comments I ever heard was a player who said - The only thing that really hurts are my ribs because I laughed so much during the match. "

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

Whether it's a question about the sport or you wish to get involved as a coach, we are happy to talk to you.

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