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Here's Why It's Awesome


Skyrocket Your Coaching Business

Starting a Stingball® coaching business in your area could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Not only does this opportunity have the potential to be a profitable business to run (with the flexibility of choosing your own work hours) there is great pleasure to be had from seeing your clients develop. Stingball® coaches operate in a defined geographic area, with minimum overlap, so you can really take responsibility for promoting the sport and recruiting players into your area - and enjoy the rewards of dedicated and professional coaching as a result.


We Help you grow your business

The growth potential as a coach with Stingball® is only limited by your own constraints; you are encouraged to grow the sport and put in as many work hours as you desire, so with this coaching business you set the work/life balance you want. At Stingball® HQ we'll be supporting you and giving you motivation every step of the way. If you succeed so do we, which means we support all our coaches with personal development, training, coaching qualifications, marketing and business support. We supply you with the tools you need to make your business grow fast.


What are the Numbers?

A fully-trained, Level 1 Stingball® coach has the potential to earn in the region of £40k per annum for organising  around 12-15hrs of coaching sessions per week, once their local events have become established. The business model is to create classes and sessions for children, teens, university students and adults as independent players  with the addition of forming regular 5-a-side leagues and team knockouts. Top performing coaches could go on to develop their business into a franchise model and recruit other coaches to expand their business even further.

Ok, So how much do I need to invest?

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