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Charter & Constitution of the World Stingball® Association 

Fair Play Charter Statement

“The World Stingball® Association (UK) (“WSAUK”) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and is responsible for introducing this new sport throughout the United Kingdom. WSAUK, its committees, officers, clubs, officials, franchisees, coaches, competitors and spectators, are all perceived by the public as being representatives of the sport of Stingball® and must always attempt to set a good example of sportsmanship and fair play, especially to the younger generation (the “Little Stingers” who, from the age of six are starting their journey with us, and "Teen Stingers" too) by the way they carry out their responsibilities both on and off the field of play.”

WSAUK Fair Play Charter

The World Stingball® Association (UK);

• Will ensure that its rules and policies are fair, clearly understood by players and officials, and properly enforced throughout the United Kingdom; 
• Will make every effort to ensure that these rules and policies are applied consistently and with absolute impartiality; 
• Will impress upon players and officials the need to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship in the organization and playing of Stingball®. 

Stingball® Players;

• Must abide by the rules and the spirit of the game; 
• Must accept the decisions of the referees without question or complaint; 
• Must never consider cheating and, in particular, must not attempt to improve their individual performance by the use of drugs; 
• Must exercise self control at all times; 
• Must learn to accept success and failure, victory and defeat, with good grace and magnanimity, and without excessive emotional displays; 
• Must treat their opponents and team-mates with due respect, both on and off the court. 

Stingball® Coaches;

• Must insist that players understand and abide by the principles of good sportsmanship; 
• Must never countenance the use of drugs by players; 
• Must never employ methods or practices that could involve risks, however slight, to the long term health or physical development of their players; 
• Must not attempt to manipulate the rules in order to take advantage of their players or their opponents; 

These codes of conduct are intended as guidelines appropriate for all participants in the sport of Stingball®. These codes are guidelines within which each participating group should endeavour to operate to improve the Stingball® experience specifically for juniors, but also for all participants in general.

Club & Team Officials & Franchisees;

• Must respect the regulations and authority of the World Stingball® Association UK and its member organisations and not attempt to avoid or circumvent these regulations;
• Must recognise the special role that they have to play in the establishment of standards by setting a good example of sportsmanship at all times;
• Must respect the rights of other clubs and not deliberately act in a manner intended to be to the detriment of any other club;
• Must respect the rights of players, coaches and officials, and not exploit nor deliberately act in a manner intended to be to the detriment of them;
• Must not endeavour to influence the result of a match by any action not strictly within the rules and regulations, or within the fundamental precepts of fair play.

Sponsors and Promoters of Stingball®;

• Must not seek to influence unduly or improperly the outcome of Stingball® competitions by financial inducements; 
• Must understand and agree that the administration and organisation of all Stingball® competitions and events is the exclusive responsibility of the appropriate Stingball® authorities. 

Stingball® Safeguarding Policy

The founders of Stingball® and the World Stingball® Association UK (“WSAUK”), which is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and charged with introducing the sport to the UK, have vowed to promote this fast, all-action and addictive way to burn calories and have fun to as many people as possible. We intend to support children (starting from the age of six years), young people and adults to find their own way to an active lifestyle, whilst empowering them to make healthier, more positive lifestyle choices through this new sport of Stingball®

Stingball® and the WSA is committed to keeping children and young, or vulnerable, adults safe and well in order that they can enjoy this sport in the healthy, happy way it was intended. To this aim, all coaching staff and volunteers will be checked with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS, formerly CRB) before they are assigned a position, to try to ensure qualified, protective coaching staff and franchisees are the only ones coming into contact with these groups who might otherwise be at risk. We must all remain vigilant to the signs, symptoms and effects of child abuse and/or neglect because these are not always obvious.

Children have the right to be protected from harm so it is important that any organisation or group that works with children or young people has a clear set of guidelines about how they will keep children safe and to respond to child protection concerns. Furthermore, we have adopted a stringent “whistle-blowing” policy whereby all staff and players (and parents or guardians, carers, teachers and other professionals) have a role to play in keeping these people safe, making clear that all children and young people have the same protection regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity (see WSA Charter).

Stingball® and the WSA is committed to anti-discriminatory practice and explicitly recognises the additional needs of children from minority ethnic groups, as well as the increased vulnerability of deaf and disabled children to abuse and neglect and the barriers they may face, especially around communication. Coaches will be trained to recognise, as best as possible, any indications which could lead to additional needs and will discuss these with parents and guardians, as appropriate. A log will also be kept at each training session to record any and all areas of concern and these logs will be reviewed upon submission to Stingball® HQ at the end of each calendar month. Appropriate action, which may involve the social services and/or other authorities, will be taken and reviewed in accordance with best practice available to us at the time.

It is a commitment of the board that all coaching staff and franchisees will be given regular child protection training and records will be kept to ensure this practice is maintained and encouraged.

Equal Opportunities

As a global governing body of sport, the World Stingball® Association is responsible for ensuring that all those who wish to participate in the sport of Stingball® (and Wheelchair Stingball® and ParaStingball®) are treated fairly and on an equal basis. In this policy "Discrimination" means discrimination where a person is treated less favourably on grounds of age, gender, marital status, ethnic origin, disability or reli-gious or sexual persuasion.

All participants in the sport of Stingball™ will be given equal opportunity irrespective of age, gender, marital status, ethnic origin, disability or religious or sexual persuasion in all aspects of participation in the sport of Stingball® and Wheelchair Stingball®.

All personnel involved in management of the sport and dealing with the public shall, where necessary, be assisted with training and guidance relating to law and organi-sation and advice as to their own personal liability under the law and the nature of discrimination.

The World Stingball® Association insists that there be open access by all providing bodies to its competitions and schemes and that the assessment of the performance of those entered shall ensure, wherever feasible, equality of opportunity regardless of a candidate's age, gender, ethnic origin, marital status, disability or religious or sexual persuasion.

The World Stingball® Association will ensure avoidance of inequality:

• in the selection, recruitment and training of all those working for or on behalf of the Association; 
• in the rules of its affiliated clubs and organisations; 
• in the preparation, production and distribution of all material; through the monitoring of practices, procedures and the operations of its affiliated clubs and organisations; 
• in the preparation, production and distribution of all material by the Association. 

The World Stingball® Association and its member clubs and organisations reserve the right to limit competitions to persons of specific age, gender or disability to provide opportunity for equal competition.

Literature shall not imply that there is a preference for one group of applicants (e.g. use of photograph of only members of one gender) unless there is a genuine limit to the participation of the one gender in or at an event.

It is the policy of the World Stingball® Association, that it will not discriminate in the provision of training courses or in the assessment of candidates for various awards provided by the Association.

One of the Executive Officers of the World Stingball® Association will be nominated as the person responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the Equal Opportunity Policy and ensuring that the policy is adhered to by all members of staff and members organisations and that the effectiveness of the policy is monitored on a regular basis.

In formulating its competitions, developmental and technical schemes, the World Stingball® Association will seek to ensure that for its part every reasonable effort is made to:

• avoid a format, language or approach which, in relation to a candidate's age, gender, ethnic origin, religious or sexual persuasion, or disability; 
• is offensive to members of particular groups; 
• implies stereotyped or biased attitudes; 
• includes terms or concepts or forms of presentation which are unfamiliar to some groups. 

In furtherance of this policy, the World Stingball® Association will work in co-operation with all appropriate national and local organisations and agencies to de-velop means of identifying and preventing unequal opportunity in relation to partici-pation in sport.

The World Stingball® Association fully supports the principles of equal opportunities and is committed to satisfying these principles in all its activities and in its published material.


Stingball® Rejects Racism and prejudiced behaviour

All clubs and teams are reminded of the Association’s policy statement on Racism and prejudiced behaviour

Statement of Aims and Objectives

The game of Stingball® will become one of the most racially harmonious sports played within the United Kingdom (and around the globe) and shall enjoy an increasing level of co-operation and participation by multi-ethnic groups, all members are equal in the eyes of the Stingball® family.

Overall Aim

  • To ensure that people who participate in or watch Stingball® can continue to do so without fear from racial abuse, disabilities, sexual orientation or harassment either in a verbal or physical form.


  • To raise public and sport awareness about the potential effects of racism or prejudiced behaviour, should it occur at Stingball® matches, and of the benefits to be derived from positive action to prevent racism and prejudiced behaviour within the sport.
  • To enhance the current environment for spectators of all ethnic backgrounds and to inspire public support for collective action against any aspect of prejudiced behaviour found within the game.
  • To persuade all those involved in Stingball® to maintain and further promote the standards of behaviour on and off the field of play in order to prevent prejudiced behaviour, harassment and discrimination. Any member can contact his or her Coach or the World Stingball® Association for the relevant advice and support.
  • To engage in multi-agency action to achieve these aims and objectives.

Action plan:- Stingball® Authorities & Franchisees

  • Enhance equal opportunities in all activities aimed at encouraging and achieving ethnic minority representation, and participation in all aspects of the game including the administration.
  • Determine and publish the minimum standards required of all clubs and spectators’ behaviour/conduct expectations, incorporating requirements on anti-racism and racial abuse (e.g. standards to be included would be similar to items set out in these WSA policy documents).
  • Apply standards of conduct and compliance requirements at all levels throughout the game and provide a framework for its practical enforcement.
  • Incorporate anti-racism into a charter or agreement, as appropriate.
  • Utilise corporate sponsorship and media opportunities to highlight and promote programmes of activities and events, and the cultural diversity visible and beneficial for the game, wherever and whenever it is played. In this context to help to support through sponsorship the Stingball® Rejects Racism education programme in schools and in the community.
  • Promote good practice guides and use positive images of the multi-racial aspects of the game through all publicity materials, promotional programmes and media opportunities.
  • Organise or support various open-days and multi-racial events and seek to ensure that these are featured in all national and international competitions.
  • To monitor and review the issue of racial abuse and intimidation in Stingball® and ensure that minimum standards specified are observed.

The Stingball® Anti-Doping Policy

This Stingball® Anti-Doping Policy takes effect from 1st April 2016, once ratified by the AGM on 30th March 2016, and may be amended as required from time to time (following due consultation about any material amendments with the sports movement and other relevant parties) to ensure it properly reflects governmental policy objectives and requirements in the field of doping in sport. Terms used in this Policy that begin with capital letters but are not defined in this Policy are used as defined in the Code or an International Standard issued by The World Anti-Doping Agency ("WADA").  


1.1 Doping in sport is cheating. It is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport, endangers the health of Athletes and of those who emulate and aspire to become Athletes, and undermines the otherwise positive impact of sport in society. Accordingly, the UK Government and Stingball® Administrations regard the elimination of doping in sport as an important public policy objective.

1.2 Eliminating doping in sport requires a commitment to harmonised anti-doping rules, and to consistent, transparent and accountable management of results and sanctioning of Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel who commit anti-doping rule violations. It also requires a concerted and coordinated effort and partnership between the government and the sports movement to develop effective means of policing and enforcing the anti-doping rules.

1.3 The WSAUK and WADA represents that public-private partnership at a global level, and the World Anti-Doping Code provides the framework for the adoption of clear and consistent anti-doping rules across all sports and all nations, around the world. That is why the UK Parliament has made a formal legal commitment, through its ratification of the UNESCO Convention, that the UK Government and the Devolved Administrations will work with sport, under the auspices of WADA and the Code, to eradicate doping in sport. This includes a commitment by the WSAUK to adopt appropriate measures to implement the principles of the Code, as well as additional measures complementary to the Code, on a national level within the UK, along with specific commitments:

                        1.3.1 to adopt and/or encourage the sports movement to adopt Code-compliant measures to prevent the use and possession of Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods by Athletes (unless based on a Therapeutic Use Exemption);

                         1.3.2 to adopt and/or encourage the Stingball® sports movement and other competent bodies to adopt Code-compliant measures to sanction Athlete Support Personnel or Franchisees and Coaches who commit anti-doping rule violations or other offences connected with doping in sport;

                         1.3.3 where appropriate, to encourage and facilitate the implementation by sports bodies and anti-doping organisations of testing programmes that are consistent with the principles of the Code, including both In Competition testing and No Advance Notice Out-of-Competition testing;

                         1.3.4 to encourage competent bodies to develop and implement appropriate codes of conduct relating to doping in sport that are consistent with the Code; UK National Anti-Doping Policy, version 1.0, 14 December 2009 

                         1.3.5 to encourage all of its public services and agencies to share information with Anti-Doping Organisations that would be useful in the fight against doping, where such sharing is not legally prohibited;

                          1.3.6 where appropriate, to withhold financial or other sports-related support from Athletes or Athlete Support Personnel during any suspension imposed on them on account of an anti-doping rule violation;

                          1.3.7 where appropriate, to withhold some or all financial or other sports-related support from any sports body or franchisee not in compliance with the Code or applicable anti-doping rules adopted pursuant to the Code;

                          1.3.8 to bring all other Stingball® involvement in anti-doping in sport into harmony with the Code; and

                           1.3.9 generally to support the mission of WADA in the international fight against doping.


1.4 This Policy has been taken from that issued by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, together with his counterparts in the Devolved Administrations, and adopted by the World Stingball® Association as part of the effort to satisfy the requirements of the UNESCO Convention. It has been duly ratified by the trustees of the World Stingball® Association UK at their first AGM, 30th March 2016. 

Stingball® Conflict of Interest Policy

All staff, volunteers, and management committee members and trustees of Stingball® will strive to avoid any conflict of interest between the interests of the Organization on the one hand, and personal, professional, and business interests on the other. This includes avoiding actual conflicts of interest as well as the perception of conflicts of interest.

The purposes of this policy is to protect the integrity of the Organization’s decision-making process, to enable our stakeholders to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputation of volunteers, staff and committee members.

Examples of conflicts of interest include:

  1. A committee member who is also a user who must decide whether fees from users should be increased.
  2. A committee member who is related to a member of staff and there is decision to be taken on staff pay and/or conditions.
  3. A committee member who is also on the committee of another organisation that is competing for the same funding.
  4. A committee member who has shares in a business that may be awarded a contract to do work or provide services for the organisation.

Upon appointment each committee member or trustee will make a full, written disclosure of interests, such as relationships, and posts held, that could potentially result in a conflict of interest. This written disclosure will be kept on file and will be updated as appropriate.

In the course of meetings or activities, committee members will disclose any interests in a transaction or decision where there may be a conflict between the organisations best interests and the committee members best interests or a conflict between the best interests of two organisations that the committee members is involved with.

All members, by accepting this policy, agree that, after disclosure, they understand that they may be asked to leave the room for the discussion and may not be able to take part in the decision depending on the judgement of the other committee members present at the time.

Any such disclosure and the subsequent actions taken will be noted in the minutes.

This policy has been duly ratified by the trustees of the World Stingball® Association UK at their first AGM on 30th March 2016. It is meant to supplement good judgment, and staff, volunteers and management committee members should respect its spirit as well as its wording.

Complaints Procedure

Should any person have any wish, desire or need to complain about anything written herein, any statement contained within this website or any matter surrounding the sport of Stingball® played and/or delivered in the United Kingdom then you are asked to write, in confidence, to the Operations Trustee at the World Stingball Association either by email to or by post to; The Operations Trustee, The World Stingball Association (UK) Ltd, 43b, Plains Road, Mapperley, Nottingham, Notts, NG3 5JU, United Kingdom stating the exact nature of the complaint along with a possible acceptable solution and contact details for a reply to be sent.

Cultural and Humanitarian Effort

The World Stingball® Association commits to donating 10% of its profits to mixed-use charities (sporting and non-sporting) and the remaining 90% of its profits shall be used in the development, promotion and growth of the Stingball® sport throughout all areas of the world.

World Stingball® Association Charter

Version March 31st 2016, to be launched on our website (This version replaces any copy dated previously.)


It didn’t feel like a workout, it felt like a great hour with friends where I laughed so much my belly hurt and I burned 600 calories.
By Claire Darcy Smith, Warrington

What a fun time we had with the girls last weekend at the Family Stingball session! And it didn't hurt, except from laughing!!
By Janette, Warrington

Ha! We saw this sport at the Warrington Collegiate Freshers Fair yesterday and put our names down for a lunchtime Stingball session!! Bring it on!!
By Tom & Ben, Chester

At the Family Stingball game in Moss Side Manchester for Man City Olympic Summer!! Kids and adults loved it!! Fun #fun
By Terri, Manchester

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