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Although the buzz surrounding Stingball® and the WSAUK is fairly new, like all great games it actually began back in the eighties. Just as football was born on a field with a ball centuries ago, the Olympic games in an amphitheatre and hockey with nothing but a stick, Stingball® began in a school yard.

Picture the scene, a group of children, without the luxury of iPads, tablets or smart-phones hear on the grapevine about a new game. A game that could be controversial, a game that needed real guts to play. Adapting the rules to their own style, a definitive set of rules was coined and the games began.

Within days the news spread throughout the school and pupils (usually averse to waking early) were leaving their homes before the crack of dawn to play Stingball® . Taking advantage of any free time they had, every person that played became an addict, fitting games in before breakfast, in place of lunch and until the caretaker kicked them out on a night.

The game became an obsession and dominated conversations and thoughts, distracting the students and leaving the school with no option but to ban it from the grounds. Part of the ban, of course, was due to the perceived danger of Stingball® when, in reality, the danger is no worse than dodge ball, cricket or baseball. With the adrenalin fuelling the players, a sting is rarely felt at all and for those who want it, protective eyewear and ear defenders, elbow and knee pads and other merchandise will be available to purchase as the sport grows.

The game disappeared in the late eighties - but the passion remained and one pupil vowed to make it a national game. That pupil is now a successful professional, the founder of the WSAUK and the driving force behind bringing Stingball® to you today.











Now you can experience what those kids did back in the day, you can become a stinger and you can find venues to play the game every week. And it's not just a game for kids - it's a sport for ALL - we have "Little Stingers" aged 6-11; "Stinger Teens" aged 12-17 and "Adult Stingers from 18+. Boys and girls, men and women can play in same-sex or mixed teams - and everyone has fun whilst getting fit!!

Basic Membership is completely free and sessions are waiting for you to join right now, all you have to do is sign up, join in, make friends and feel the sting not the burn.


It didn’t feel like a workout, it felt like a great hour with friends where I laughed so much my belly hurt and I burned 600 calories.
By Claire Darcy Smith, Warrington

What a fun time we had with the girls last weekend at the Family Stingball session! And it didn't hurt, except from laughing!!
By Janette, Warrington

Ha! We saw this sport at the Warrington Collegiate Freshers Fair yesterday and put our names down for a lunchtime Stingball session!! Bring it on!!
By Tom & Ben, Chester

At the Family Stingball game in Moss Side Manchester for Man City Olympic Summer!! Kids and adults loved it!! Fun #fun
By Terri, Manchester

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