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Little Stingers & Stinger Teens

Stingball® is ideal for younger players as it enhances hand-eye co-ordination, promotes teamwork, keeps kids active and fit and improves mental awareness. We all like to feel good about ourslves - and if we are agile, athletic, friendly, look good and feel that we contribute in a meaningful way as part of a team or movement, think how well will that stand us in the future.

We've adapted the game to include a softer ball for our "Little Stingers" and a medium strength ball for our "Stinger Teens" and at mixed training sessions who are keen to learn and play the game at speed without getting "stung" too hard so you feel nothing but fun when you play.

Originating in a school yard and invented by youngsters, it's no wonder that Little Stingers and Stinger Teens are passionate about playing. We have special packages for everyone involved in children's sports, from teachers to parents to local village halls - and don't forget to contact your local coach if you're thinking of organising a fun, new and exciting BIRTHDAY PARTY for your child and their friends! Little Stinger and Stinger Teens Birthday Party events can be arranged at a venue near you.

Every Pupil has a Place

Stingball® is becoming popular in schools and young people's foundations across the country as it brings together children of diverse personalities in one team. The very nature of Stingball® makes it great for building morale and increasing bonds between classmates, removing divides and giving all members a common goal. Although there's a competitive edge to the game, it doesn't segregate children as other sports can, as every player works together before going it alone.
There's a place for every pupil in Stingball® - even for those who abhor sport. The child that's often teased finds a home for their skills on a Stingball® pitch. This is because Stingball® not only promotes healthier living and sociability, it also celebrates players who have a knack for strategy, a skill for quick-thinking and a strong moral code. Even those children who prefer to walk the sidelines can become a Stingball® hero by taking videos of the players and entering them into our "Sting of the Month" competition. There are prizes awarded for the player(s) involved in the sting - and the person taking the video, so there's winning opportunities for all!
There's no danger in Stingball® but to succeed as an individual the team must play together until it becomes one on one. Tactics are as important as speed, agility as important as loyalty and confidence as important as humility.

Stingball® continues after school

Here at the World Stingball® Association ("WSA") we don't only promote this new sport, we also promote the lifestyle that Stingball® portrays. Healthy eating, daily activity and playing as a team are all areas we encourage our players to improve on, both in and out of school.

Working with you to expand on your values

Working closely with your school or youth club we develop a Stingball® strategy that encapsulates your scholastic ethos while tackling any current obstacles you are looking to overcome. From building relationships within a class, to building bridges one-to-one, we work with you to ensure Stingball® helps your seat of learning to overcome the problem.
We can deliver your core messages throughout the games, whilst building on your values and your key aims.

Please be aware that any Little Stinger and Stinger Teen applicant will need their parent or guardian to sign the sporting disclosure form BEFORE play commences.

Contact us now to discuss making Stingball® a part of your school curriculum; you can be assured that every Stingball® coach has been DBS checked to ensure they have the right background and are appropriately skilled to coach young people and adults.


It didn’t feel like a workout, it felt like a great hour with friends where I laughed so much my belly hurt and I burned 600 calories.
By Claire Darcy Smith, Warrington

What a fun time we had with the girls last weekend at the Family Stingball session! And it didn't hurt, except from laughing!!
By Janette, Warrington

Ha! We saw this sport at the Warrington Collegiate Freshers Fair yesterday and put our names down for a lunchtime Stingball session!! Bring it on!!
By Tom & Ben, Chester

At the Family Stingball game in Moss Side Manchester for Man City Olympic Summer!! Kids and adults loved it!! Fun #fun
By Terri, Manchester

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