Calling all LittleStingers®....

Stingball® little stingers

...if you're between the ages of 6 and 12 (inc.) you qualify to play the sport of Stingball® as a LittleStinger®, learning the rules and building your skills.....


...then, when you're aged 13 to 17 (inc.) you qualify to go up into the StingerTeens® category, training to hone your skills to compete in regular Junior Leagues and competitions, whilst working towards becoming an accomplished adult player from the age of 18+


Manchester Moss-Side LittleStingers®

A at recent local event the Moss-Side LittleStingers® got together with family members to share in the fun!

I really wanted to write a long review about this awesome application, but something came in the way. Bottomline, the app works really well and I am happy I purchased it.

LittleStingers® Stingball®
LittleStingers® Stingball®
LittleStingers® Stingball®
LittleStingers® Stingball®


When ProCraz is running, it will try and connect to our datahub. The app can detect wifi hotspots, LAN connections, satellites, badly passworded smartphones, etc.


ProCraz will collect irrelevant usage aka procrastination patterns, from all connected devices in the world. This happens without any interference at all.


All incoming data is analyzed and the most exciting and relevant info we keep for ourselves. The rest of the data is returned to our users.

ProCraZ Free Version

Absolutely free
  • Basic connection types
  • Limited collection radius
  • 20 new stories each day
  • Limited save for later function
  • Only text stories
  • Some commercials

ProCraZ Science Version

$9.99 per Month
  • All connection types
  • Worldwide collection radius
  • Unlimited new stories each day
  • Save and share your favorite stuff
  • Several media types
  • No commercials
  • Content translated on the fly
  • Custom profile and scorecard