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Stingball® Membership & Membership Rules

We know you can’t wait to become an official member of the World Stingball® Association so we’ve made it super simple to sign up. Our packages are almost as exciting as the game itself as you know that every Stingball® dollar goes towards your enjoyment of this fast paced, high adrenalin game.

There are also extra benefits to becoming a member - from gaining access to our Stingers forums to huge discounts on games and merchandise. You’ll see that once you start playing Stingball® you’ll be eager to mix with those that understand the unique buzz that comes from being a real Stingball® player.

Before taking a look around the membership options, please read and familiarise yourself with our Membership Rules regarding Equality & Diversity;


Equality and Diversity

The World Stingball® Association considers that everyone should play their part in making the sport of Stingball® inclusive and aims to ensure that all people have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in Stingball® at all levels and in all roles.

The World Stingball® Association UK Equality & Diversity Policy sets out our commitment to working towards an inclusive sport within the United Kingdom and should be read in conjunction with The World Stingball® Association Policies and Procedures contained within our Charter & Constitution.  Both are available for download elsewhere in this website.

The World Stingball® Association recommends that Franchisees in Counties and Clubs have an Equality & Diversity policy in place and are welcome to adopt the principles of our national policy.


Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 is intended to provide a legislative framework to protect the rights of individuals and advance equality of opportunity for all. No one can lawfully discriminate against anyone under any of the below ‘protected characteristics’.

• Age

• Disability

• Gender Reassignment

• Marriage and Civil Partnership

• Pregnancy and Maternity

• Race

• Religion or Belief

• Sex

• Sexual Orientation

The World Stingball® Association has produced this information to assist members and officials when considering membership and participation in the sport of Stingball®. We should emphasise that this information is a summary of how we consider it affects Stingball® and it should not replace legal advice tailored to your specific requirements.

It is clear that Stingball® members, players and clubs need to be aware of the requirements of the Act and comply with any relevant sections. The World Stingball® Association has a role in helping franchisees, clubs and coaches to address their responsibilities and to drive the process of equity forward. Stingball® franchisees, coaches and clubs may be challenged legally on their approach to equality and it would be wise to be able to demonstrate the relevant commitment with clear evidence.

The Equality Act 2010 can be downloaded at All franchisees, coaches and clubs must operate within these legally effective policies and keep them in place in order to comply with the requirements of the Act.  


The Equality Act 2010 and Age Discrimination

The sport of Stingball® is open to be played and enjoyed by all peoples of the world, first here in the UK and soon, we expect, around the globe. Discounts in relation to age are permitted within the scope of the legislation and we have introduced a currency system, Stingball® Dollars, to take out the inconsistencies of currency exchange when travelling to different areas of the world.

In addition, however, and in order to comply with our Safeguarding Policy, although we promote the playing of Stingball® amongst children from aged six and above ("Little Stingers & Stinger Teens"), children and young persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to log on to our website as a member but must ask their parent or guardian to do so for them, when looking to book a session and/or upload payment for membership and playing fees (where applicable). 

Further information can also be found on the Home Office website -

Should you have any queries in relation to the Equality Act or for guidance around equality in Stingball® please contact the Compliance Department at

Here are your options when joining Stingball®, so you need wait no longer:

1. Beginner Membership - is FREE to join!!
2. Intermediate Membership 
3. Advanced Membership

and, for those who wish to become a registered Stingball® coach, the

Professional Membership

The benefits of each of the above levels are described on the drop-down page Levels of Membership 


It didn’t feel like a workout, it felt like a great hour with friends where I laughed so much my belly hurt and I burned 600 calories.
By Claire Darcy Smith, Warrington

What a fun time we had with the girls last weekend at the Family Stingball session! And it didn't hurt, except from laughing!!
By Janette, Warrington

Ha! We saw this sport at the Warrington Collegiate Freshers Fair yesterday and put our names down for a lunchtime Stingball session!! Bring it on!!
By Tom & Ben, Chester

At the Family Stingball game in Moss Side Manchester for Man City Olympic Summer!! Kids and adults loved it!! Fun #fun
By Terri, Manchester

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