STINGBALL® has Landed !!!

If you've not heard of the sport then you're in for a surprise - the brand new sport of Stingball® is really fun and enjoyable to play! Once you've had your first game you'll be hooked - not only is it fast action, fun and great to play with single players or teams, it is also great for fitness and keeps the mind and co-ordination sharp. No matter what your age (6+) or ability Stingball® is a great sport you can take seriously or just play for fun with our Stingball® Socials.

Get yourself fit and have fun

Bring your friends and form a team

Or make new friends with Stingball® Socials

Stingball® space man

Watch how to play Stingball®

"The rules of Stingball® are pretty easy and can be learned by watching the cartoon explainer video. A more comprehensive set of rules, standards, and expectations will be available from your coach at the start of each game - because it is important that everyone is properly trained on how to play safely before each session."

You can also download a copy of the rules here Download

We have a special offer for new players

Six hours of Stingball® playing time for the price of four hours