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The game of Stingball® may be played by individuals and/or teams, all playing together or as 5-a-side or 8-a-side teams (each team has one substitute player) wearing your own team colours, or put together on the day using different coloured vests to denote which team you are in. After enjoying your free trial period, the five-a-side teams play for $21 Stingball® Dollars per hour (between 5+1 = 6 players in the team = £3.50 per player per hour) and eight-a-side teams play for $31 Stingball® Dollars per hour (between 8+1 = 9 players in the team = £3.45 per player per hour), representing excellent value for a one-hour session!

What a great way to have fun with old friends and make new friends every week!!

Just book your session(s) online, once you have registered for free membership and booked your first one-hour session using the $6 Stingball® Dollars credited to your account on first log-in (current pricing allows for up to one and a half sessions to be FREE using these credits). Playing rate per individual member is just $4 Stingball® Dollars per hour.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!! - Bring your friends along to try it out, too - see if they can stand up to the STING!!

Once logged in, head over to the BOOKINGS Tab and click on the drop-down menu EVENT NEAR YOU. This takes you to the map and the motifs show the nearest game, hover over with your cursor and get details of when and where they game is being played. Follow the onscreen instructions to book your session, TODAY!!

Checkout the games being played closest to you - book your place online, turn up about ten minutes before the start-time to meet the coach and run through the rules and playing procedures. Many others will be doing the same, either on their own and/or with a couple of friends and, before long, you may find yourself as a star member within a successful Stingball® Official team!

Please be aware, however, that there is a maximum of just forty (40) players on a Stingball® pitch at any one time, so book early to avoid disappointment! Bookings are taken by the hour and some players will just play for one hour, some for two hours and those who really want the next best thing to a full body work-out might well play for three hours in a session! 

The timings will be dependent on the venue and the coach, so check the duration of your session and, if the first hour is fully-booked, check the second hour, and so on, to see if there is space for you there. For team play, there will be a maximum of eight 5-a-side teams in play at any one time and up to five 8-a-side teams in play - always to the maximum of 40 players on court at a time (also dependent upon court dimensions and size). 

Just a few of the registration benefits for becoming an Official Stingball® Team are;

- Teams qualify for the maximum discount on Stingball® Currency when purchased for the team via their registered team account
- Teams can have as many teams as they wish (A & B teams or male & female teams for example, or national companies can have regional staff teams)
- Teams can enter national Stingball® knock-out and POWERPLAY tournaments to win cash prizes
- Stingball® will create a number of leagues as the sport grows from Premier League for the pro’s, down to an amateur league for those who just wish to have fun and keep fit and healthy.
- You could be the next David Beckham or Michael Jordan of the Stingball® world, as our long term goal is to allow the sport to be televised using satellite channels or pay-per-view once audiences fall in love with the sport.
- Eventually, it is expected that Pro players will be paid a salary as the sport grows and this will be in addition to the tournament prizes, relating to whichever league they play in.
- five-a-side teams with one registered sub = low cost of £18 per team per annum
- eight-a-side teams with one registered sub = low cost of £27 per team per annum
- The team admin (or the captain) must be an Advanced Member or must upgrade upon team registry
- The other team members must be a minimum standard of Intermediate membership progressing to Advanced membership within 12 months
- Team members must train together at least once a week with the appointed Stingball® coach(es) for their area, and participate in local knock-out games each month, leading to POWERPLAY knock-outs, for the very best teams, happening twice per year.  As the regions grow, leagues will be formed for the best players and a league cup will be offered to the winners each year in each of the various categories.

Typically, all Stingball® teams will be formed into either 5-a-side or 8-a-side (each with one sub) and those teams shall be made up of all same-sex participants, in advance of a Ladies League and a Mens League being set up, although training sessions may be held for mixed teams at the discretion of the local coach. Many teams will be formed by enthusiasts in working environments who want to get together with their friends and colleagues and put together a local team, for example – a local police team, a pub team, a services team, a church team, a football supporters team, or a random team that is formed on the night – in fact any team you wish!! You can do this by registering your team at team membership.

Before entering to win prizes, Stingball® Dollars and regular competitions, each team will need a “team admin” person (not necessarily the team captain) who will register the team and administer the team members to ensure everyone complies with the sign-up and in-play conditions. The administrator will hold the team log-in details (once registered with Stingball®) and will be the person responsible for booking the team into sessions, spending the team’s Stingball® Dollars (on sessions, authorized Stingball® merchandise etc.) and communicating with Stingball® Membership Services and with other team members.

Official Stingball® Teams need to have registered members (either 5 or 8, plus one registered substitute per team) and one of these registered members needs to be the “team admin”. The team must have a registered name (which must be approved by Stingball® Membership Services so please no rude or offensive names or you won’t be accepted!) and a registered postcode. Usually the postcode used for the team will be the same postcode as the “team admin” so please bear this in mind when completing your team registration at

All annual charges are payable in advance and by direct debit upon the anniversary of registering the team, and are in addition to the individual player member levels of each participant member (see membership fees). Registered player members can be replaced during the last week of every calendar quarter (the “transfer window”) but each team must start the next quarter with the requisite number of registered members, as approved by Stingball® Membership Services.

Every Stingball® team member is entitled to a FREE playing period up to one and a half-hours (once they have been registered by their team admin or captain, completing the online team member’s registration) and, upon joining, every new team member shall receive their own members area where they will be required to read and sign to say they accept the disclaimer along with the terms & conditions of membership. At the very first session played by the team member(s) each will be required to sign a hard copy of the disclaimer and return it to the Stingball® coach before the session starts.

*Please note that the FREE $6 Stingball® Dollars credited to your account on login are only available to allow you to book one hours play for FREE ($4 value) with the other $2 being credited against the cost of the next hour booked. Any and all subsequent hours played must be booked and paid for online to ensure your place is reserved. There is no cost to the credited amount and any credited amount granted to the player(s) is non-transferrable and must only be used by the registered player holding that account. ALL STINGBALL® DOLLAR ACCOUNTS REMAIN SECURE AT ALL TIMES.



It didn’t feel like a workout, it felt like a great hour with friends where I laughed so much my belly hurt and I burned 600 calories.
By Claire Darcy Smith, Warrington

What a fun time we had with the girls last weekend at the Family Stingball session! And it didn't hurt, except from laughing!!
By Janette, Warrington

Ha! We saw this sport at the Warrington Collegiate Freshers Fair yesterday and put our names down for a lunchtime Stingball session!! Bring it on!!
By Tom & Ben, Chester

At the Family Stingball game in Moss Side Manchester for Man City Olympic Summer!! Kids and adults loved it!! Fun #fun
By Terri, Manchester

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